One Year of Design and Machining

A New Turn for Otagai Designs


    Welcome to Otagai Designs! Today marks one year of Otagai Designs developing and machining parts professionally as a small manufacturer. A couple of this year’s highlights include: designing and producing prototype parts and doing limited production for a local medical device manufacturer, and working closely with Nyoka Design Labs to develop and bring to market the world’s first bioluminescence glow stick.

    Today also marks the official start of Otagai Designs' transition to an in-house design studio and micro-manufacturer. Currently Otagai Designs mainly designs and produces parts for outside customers for use in their products and projects. This transition marks a definitive shift towards focusing on developing and producing Otagai Designs’ own products to sell to customers. Otagai Designs will still be open to specific design and limited-run manufacturing partnerships that match with Otagai Designs’ longterm vision and values. 

    The product focus of Otagai Designs will mainly be on everyday objects, with an emphasis towards durability, sustainability, utility, and beauty. As a small manufacturer, these products will initially have a limited production number of around 1 000 units per year at most for less complex to produce items. The first production product will be launched no later than the end of November of this year.  

    Otagai Designs extends its appreciation to all its wonderful customers, and a massive thank-you to Make It Zone Industries (check them out!) for facilitating the opportunity for local small business to start and flourish with support. Thank you all for the incredible year. 


 Griffin Lindquist







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